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Chunky Cookies

Lotus Biscoff Burst Cookie Tub hover image new

Lotus Biscoff Burst Cookie Tub

AED 60.00

Experience the irresistible Lotus Biscoff Chunky Cookie tub with a heavenly Lotus drizzle. Perfect for delivery in Dubai. Order now and savor the sweetness!..

Chunky Choc Pistachio Cookie Tub hover image new

Chunky Choc Pistachio Cookie Tub

AED 60.00

Indulge in our gourmet Chocolate Pistachio Chunky Cookies, baked with rich Belgian chocolate and real pistachios. Enjoy a delicious flavor explosion with every bite! Order your tub..

Kinder Bueno Bombers Cookie Tub hover image

Kinder Bueno Bombers Cookie Tub

AED 60.00

Indulge in the ultimate treat with our Kinder Chunky Cookie Tub, perfectly complemented by a luscious drizzle of Kinder Syrup. This delightful combination is designed to satisfy yo..

Chunky Cookies Box of 6 hover image

Chunky Cookies Box of 6

AED 72.00

Savor the irresistible pleasure of our trending Chunky Cookies. Bursting with premium ingredients, each bite is a symphony of flavors—decadent chocolate chunks, crunchy nuts, and a..

Lotus Biscoff Burst hover image

Lotus Biscoff Burst

AED 14.00

Crisp and delightful! These chunky cookies feature caramel-infused Lotus Biscoff filling and chunks with chocolate chips, creating gems of flavor with every bite.Minimum box of 6 C..

Chunky Red Velvet Delights hover image

Chunky Red Velvet Delights

AED 14.00

Experience pure delight with these chunky Red Velvet Cookies featuring generous chunks of oreo's and white chocolate and a cream cheese center.Minimum Box of 6 Cookies..

Rocky Road Cookies hover image

Rocky Road Cookies

AED 14.00

Join the revelry of flavors! These chunky rounds feature chocolate, peanuts, marshmallows, and a surprise peanut butter twist—a rocky road delight.Minimum box of 6 Cookies..

Nutella Nugget Chocolate Chunkies hover image

Nutella Nugget Chocolate Chunkies

AED 14.00

Uncover nuggets of joy! These chunky cookies are filled with hazelnuts, chocolate chips, and decadent Nutella nuggets for a delightful surprise.Minimum Box of 6 Cookies..

Kinder Bueno Bombers hover image

Kinder Bueno Bombers

AED 14.00

Get ready for a blast of bliss! These chunky cookies are loaded with chocolate chips, a heavenly Kinder filling, and explosions of Kinder Bueno for a taste sensation.Minimum box of..

Chunky-Choc-Pistachio-Cookie hover image


AED 14.00

A  party in your mouth! Dive into a chocolatey cookie filled with real pistachio pieces, white chocolate chips, and a gooey pistachio surprise at the center.Minimum box of 6 C..

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