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Swirl Halloween Candy placed in Devils Papermouth

Swirl Candy

  • AED 14

Box with Halloween theme candy inside. 

Spooky Halloween Candy

  • AED 16

Pumpkin Shape Halloween Candy

Pumpkin Candy

  • AED 17

Candy Floss available in different colors for Halloween

Cotton Candy

  • AED 20

Colored Flavored Popcorn. Perfect for trick or treat. 

Popcorn Flavored

  • AED 20

Halloween Pumpkin Painting - Let your imagination go wild. 

Halloween Pumpkin DIY Kit (non edible)

  • AED 80

Box of 6 custom cupcakes in Halloween theme Boxes. 

Halloween cupcakes

  • AED 110

Mini cake embossed with Halloween designs, with 2 icings bags and a pack of sprinkles. 

DIY Cake Kit

  • AED 120

Chocolate heart Smash with Halloween theme candies, marshmallows and cake pieces inside. 

Halloween Boo Heart Smash

  • AED 120

Chocolate Smash with Halloween candies, marshmallows, cake and other candy inside. 

Halloween Monster Eyes Smash

  • AED 120