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Bunch of roses and leaves 

Blush Bag

  • AED 100

Combination of Red Roses, Limonium and Eucalyptus leaves

Blooming Roses

  • AED 120

A Bunch of Dried Lavender Bouquet

Lavender Bunch

  • AED 120

Combination of Lily, Limonium and Eucalyptus leaves.

Lily Bunch

  • AED 125

White Lillies, Purple Roses, Blue Limonium and Pistacia Leaves 

Bliss Basket

  • AED 165

Combination of Carnations, Pink wax Flowers and Eucalyptus leaves

Dreamy Hues

  • AED 165

Combination of Lisianthus and Eucalyptus leaves
Small - 5 stems 
Medium - 10 stems 
Large - 15 stems 

Sweet Swirls

  • AED 180