Unfortunately we don’t currently but hope to someday.

Yes we sure can at a cost lesser than the actual cake.

We do participate in events and fairs. To stay updated on which events we are a part of do LIKE our facebook page www.facebook/com/Sugaholic.Cakes.

Yes we do to support our program cupcakes4cause.

Yes you sure can but kindly note all inquiries received through Facebook will have to be directed through email again if the order is confirmed. We only take inquiries on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/Sugaholic.Cakes and not on our personal profiles.

Unfortunately we don’t.

This is the only number available at the moment.

+971 4 3579333

Sometimes yes and most times we need to see a picture or need more details on the cake. So depending on the requirement we can either help you out instantly or will request you to email us.

We are not available on whatsapp 24/7 but yes you can do so on +971553719838 and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

By emailing us on info@sugaholic.com and we will revert within 24 hours.

The best place to put the cake is on a flat surface in the car, generally a boot which has air conditioning, or the floor of the front passenger seat. You can place the cake on your lap too but make sure your legs are pretty straight so the cake is not tilting. Any tilting can cause the cake to slant which will not be our responsibility once the cake has left the store.

This depends from cake to cake but generally fondant cakes do not need to be kept in the fridge if cake cutting and consumption is within 24 hours. Once cut, please keep the leftovers of the cake in the fridge.

This will generally come in a cone shaped box so the designs are not touching the walls of the box.

Yes we do. These boxes are branded with our logo. We can also provide them in transparent boxes for an extra charge.

No, we generally don’t. Hence, an appointment is required.

Yes we need atleast a weeks notice to confirm an appointment for tasting.

Tastings will be charged for cake slices and cupcakes. Once the order is confirmed, the same can be adjusted depending on the order value.* (*will be decided at the time of confirmation)

Yes we do.

If you decide to cancel the cake 48 hours prior to your pick up or delivery date, a credit note will be given for the amount you have paid. No cancellations will be accepted and no credit notes will be given within 48 hours before the pick up or delivery date.

At the bakeshop we accept cash, debit cards and credit cards (no AMEX). If the cake is being delivered, we accept only cash and even cheques in certain cases.

Yes a deposit is required. Atleast 50% or the full payment can be made by coming to the bakeshop, through bank transfer or through online payment on the website.

Yes you sure can.

Yes we do have a shop and cakes are available off the shelf but we do run out fast so if possible do call us in advance to check whats available and we can keep one aside for you.

It would be great if you could send us a picture of the design you have in mind. If you need us to send you some designs, please do email us and mention a rough idea of your requirement and we will try to send you pictures related to the same.

We do if we have slots available. You can always email or call us to check.

Kindly take an appointment atleast 3 to 4 days in advance if you would like to meet one of the sisters to ensure that they are not busy finishing an order or running around to get errands done.

An appointment is ideal! However if you want to just swing by to discuss a cake design, you sure can and one of our staff will help you out.

If your order is for the weekend, 7 to 10 days in advance is ideal. If your order is for a weekday, 4 to 5 days in advance is good. However, you can always call us to check for last minute availability. We will need atleast a 50% deposit to confirm the order.

The fastest way to place an order would be by emailing us on info@sugaholic.com. Kindly mention the following details to speed up the process:

a. Date the cake will be picked up or delivered.

b. Number of servings or kgs of cake you are looking to order.

c. The time you would need the cake to be picked up or delivered so we can check if we have a slot available for that time period.

d. A picture / reference image of the cake that you wish to order.

e. A detailed description of the cake you need or the theme you want.

f. What sort of cake you want – regular / ganache OR buttercream OR customised / fondant.

g. Your budget! It helps a great deal if a client mentions their budget which helps us to quickly understand what suggestions we can give them.

The other ways to get in touch with us are through phone – +97143579333 or by coming in to the store.

If we do have availability, we definitely can try to make a flavour on request.

Unless a customer wants to place a toy on the cake, all toppers made by us are made from fondant, gumpaste or rice krispies which are all edible however since they have to dry to be placed on the cake, they do become hard which helps keep them stable. In rare cases, we also make non-edible toppers to help stay on the cake in case the topper is heavy and the cake is small.

We do make egg free cakes and gluten free cakes (which is not egg free).

We make sugar cookies, walnut brownies and 5 main flavours for macarons (pistachio, citrus, praline, raspberry and chocolate). If you would like a custom flavour for the macarons, please do ask us and we will try our best to whip something up for you.

Cake Pops can be made with chocolate, vanilla or red velvet sponges and can be coated in milk or white chocolate.

Kindly see the menu for cupcakes.

Kindly see the menu for your signature cakes and designer/customised cakes.

There are 3 types of cakes – Our signature/regular or ganache cakes, buttercream cakes and designer/customised cakes. Each of these 3 kinds have various different flavours.

No there is no minimum order as long as the delivery charges are agreed to and the products required by the client are available.

Unfortunately we can’t ship any edible products internationally.

We deliver to all other emirates depending on availability and for extra charges depending on the Emirate

We deliver to all areas of Dubai for extra charges depending on the location.

Yes it definitely is! Inquiries move faster if the client provides their budget. We can always suggest options on the basis of the same.

Yes we do depending on the requirements of each company. Kindly send us an email for the same and we can work out the best rates possible for your company.

Wedding cakes are considered as customised cakes hence prices can vary depending on the detailing and kgs involved.

Prices of customised cakes depend on the type of cake, the designing and kgs involved. Customisation can be done on regular cakes, buttercream cakes or fondant cakes hence prices vary on the basis of each clients requirement. The best way to get a quote would be to send us an email on info@sugaholic.com with a picture of what you have in mind or a description of your idea.

Our regular cakes start from AED 50 for half kg and AED 80 for 1 kg and go up depending on the flavour.

No, we don’t do any salted items.

Yes we do make edible photo cakes and edible photos can also be placed on all the other above mentioned products.

Any of the above items can be made for corporates depending on their requirements.

Yes we do.

We cater to absolutely any occasion. Birthdays, baby showers, weddings, engagement parties, graduations, anniversaries, or even to celebrate day to day life!

Any number of pieces of the other products can be ordered usually, however for certain items (such as gluten free, mini cupcakes, made to order macarons, eggless cupcakes other than chocolate based ones) a minimum quantity might be required if not already available.

The minimum size for cakes is half kg which is 6 inches in diameter. We also do bulk quantities of mini cakes which are about 4 inches in diameter.

At Sugaholic, we make all of our products to order and we can make regular items as well as customised ones. That means we’re baking them when you order them — no frozen products here! We only use fresh ingredients, including real butter, milk, flour, sugar and eggs! For example, when we make our classic Ferrero Cake, we actually grind real Ferreros and use the same in our best selling Ferrero Cake.

Sugaholic makes cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, macaroons, cookies and brownies.