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What is Sugaholic?

Sugaholic has been a home based bakery since May 2010 and has launched it’s first store in 2012. We believe in providing not only great looking cakes but great tasting ones too.  We customize cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for every special occasion, cater to events and parties and take corporate orders too.

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Who are we?

Sugaholic was founded in May 2010 by sisters Sneha Bhatia and Ravisha Bhatia, to raise funds at a bakesale for sponsoring a child’s education in India. They had no plans to turn this little bakesale into a bakeshop but when family and friends started asking them to make cakes for their parties and they couldn’t keep up to the requests, both Sneha and Ravisha traded their high flying banking careers to follow their passion of spreading sweetness and making people happy by offering uniquely customized cakes at affordable prices.

Meet The Suga Sisters

Know more about Sneha

I'm Sneha BhatiaSince speaking and writing English correctly has always been her top priority, Sneha was gladly given the reigns to market Sugaholic through Social Media as well as maintain high levels of customer service.

Along with being the baker, marketer, customer service agent and PR executive, she has always been a big foodie having a weak spot for desserts. Her passion for cakes comes not from designing them, but from eating them!

When she’s not busy with baking, she loves to chill with familia and watch movies with her friends! She works late into the nights and is an owl. After graduating with Finance and Marketing degrees from Australia, she never thought that the hope to fund a child’s education through a bakesale will bring her and Sugaholic this far. Her mantra has always been,

If your customer is happy because your work is honest, your conscience will be much happier to execute higher standards of quality.


Know Ravisha Bhatia

I'm Ravisha BhatiaRavisha is the reason Sugaholic’s cakes look as awesome as they possibly can! Having a cake fetish since when she was a child, her eyes used to sparkle with tiny hearts everytime she would see a customized cake. She would always wonder how all these designs are made from sugar the way they are and how could anyone possibly have the heart to cut them. Growing up, it became mandatory for her to cut a cake on every birthday and would never understand how anyone in this world could celebrate their birthday without CAKE! It didn’t matter if gifts were given or not, but there had to be cake!

Her cake fantasies turned to reality when she entered the world of sugar craft and since then there has been no stopping to the challenges she has been willing to take. Maintaining a high standard of no-nonsense when it comes to her work, Ravisha pushes herself to the highest degree of her caliber to bring out the best she can in her designs and keeps teaching herself everyday. For her there is only one mantra,

Everytime you make a cake, you have to learn something new from it.

When she’s not being her artistic self, Ravisha loves to hang out with her friends and just relax. She’s an early to bed and early to rise person and can work best in the wee hours of the morning. Sugaholic is her passion, her dream and her playground! She love’s every bit of all that it gives her.


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